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Board Game Day: Market and Trading


Borderlands Games
546 High St NE 97301 Salem United States
Cost: FREE!
Plus -> Get 20% off a single game every Thursday at board game night!

Borderlands encourages you to come and play board and card games with us every Thursday! This is a great way to relax, meet new people, and talk about gaming and learn a new game.

To encourage you to develop your gaming skills we will one week a month will focus on specific themes of games. We will use it to draw attention to that genre or mechanic and games of various skill levels of that type will be available.

The big name that comes to many peoples minds would be Settlers of Catan (which falls into many categories but market is included), But their are many other games that involve managing a constantly trading market or trading commodities between players including: Firefly, Archipelago, Sid Meier's Civilization, and Merchant of Venus to list just a few.

If you are playing a market based games during that day, and are present during the drawing, promos from previous special event days will be given away, but additionally we will be giving away 10 and 20 dollars of store credit.